When I was asked to create google auth functionality and it worked on my locals, I faced a problem during deployment. The google auth and automated email send don’t work on VM. I have to deal with Nginx to handle this problem. …

“Whereas Agile is a philosophy, Scrum is a specific methodology for how one manages a project. It provides a process for how to identify the work, who will do the work, how it will be done, and when it will be completed.” — Joseph Griffin

Agile as Philosophy

Agile means “able to move quickly and easily”. Agile in a project development is a project philosophy or framework that takes an iterative approach towards the completion of a project. There are many different project management methodologies and some of the most common are Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), and Scrum.

Git as a Version Control

When working on a software development project, be it individually or collaboratively, there are many potential problems that may occur such follows:

  • More than one person is working on a project, can it be done without much conflict?
  • Software evolves and many versions will be developed. How to ease devs…

According to IBM — “Containerization involves encapsulating or packaging up software code and all its dependencies so that it can run uniformly and consistently on any infrastructure.”

There are some common pains when building a software project :

  • The app only works in your local machine and complicated to deploy

Disclaimer: Hi everyone! I didn’t expect this article to reach a large amount of audience. Thank you for your insightful feedback. I am not at all a react expert and just started learning. This article is a weekly school assignment as part of my learning progress, so pardon me if…

“People ignore design that ignores people.”

— Frank Chimero, Designer

User-Centered Design

This must have heard the term UI and UX. The concept of creating a product that is pleasing to see and interact with based on what users need. This guy, user-centered design, is a friend. User-Centered Design (UCD) was first…

One common scenario when creating a test is that components depend on another component that cannot be used at the production level environment. Let’s say you want to test your home page visuals but it calls the login component’s API fetching functionality, it is not recommended to do real API…

Test-driven development is a programming methodology where the test is created before the coding. Below, I listed some reasons that made its application useful.

1. Test can act as the code’s blueprint: Before building a house, a blueprint is made to help housebuilders. Building tests help you understand how the…


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